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Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro is magnificent! It is located near the border with Kenya and was formed from a volcanic eruption which only adds to the beauty of it. Its glaciers are absolutely stunning and on a clear day you can see it in all its glory. Sometimes at the end of the day when the sun is going down and is casting its beautiful rays across the sky and the mountain side, it makes you stop in your tracks and stare in awe. It truly is absolutely stunning and worth a race to catch the perfect picture. At 19,340 ft (5895 metres), this mountain commands attention. It is considered the tallest Mountain in Africa and called “The Rooftop of Africa”.

The trek up is worth the climb if you are into this kind of thing, it won’t disappoint! The seven Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing routes vary in scenery, distance and cost. They all are different and beautiful in their own right and have different difficulty levels; however, what might be difficult to you may not be difficult to someone else.  

Now you may be asking, “Which route is best for me?” Well that will depend on several factors like;

  1. How much time do you have to spend on this trip?

  2. How much money do you want to spend?

  3. What are your previous experiences and fitness levels?

  4. What time of year do you want to come?

Different Routes Available

Machame Route

Known as the “Whiskey route”, Machame is the most popular route and has a very high success rate of making it to the top. It starts with a nice day of walking through the rainforest and has a nice steady altitude increase each day. As you wind around the mountain you get a variety of different views and beautiful landscapes. This truly is the most popular route and enjoyed by many.

Lemosho Route

This route is extremely beautiful and also has a high success rate. This route will give you a more private experience with fewer climbers however the cost raises with this route since the starting point is around the other side of the mountain which creates a higher transport rate. It is a  favorite because of less foot traffic, a high summit success rate and incredible views. 


Northern Circuit Route

This trek approaches Kilimanjaro from the west. However, instead of following the southern traverse like all the other west approaching routes, the Northern Circuit walks you through the mountain around the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes. This is a nine day climb, which is the longest route in terms of time and distance travelled. Although it is the most expensive climb option, the small amount of climbers offers a secluded and unique experience, with a very high success rate.

Rongai Route

This route is popular for more experienced climbers and offers a greater challenge, especially on summit day. It is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan Border. It is slightly more expensive due to the additional transport costs in getting to/from the park entry gate which makes it less crowded. This route provides more shelter from the weather and high winds and descends via the Marangu route.

Marangu Route

Known to many as the “Coco-Cola route”, the Marangu route is the oldest and most well established route. Some prefer this route because the accommodation is in huts, rather than camping however it is less private than having your own tent. During peak season these huts can be very overcrowded. This route is not the most scenic route and does not offer good acclimatization opportunities so it has a  lower success rate of summiting.

Shira Route

The first day of this route is the Shira Route and then it meets up with the Lemosho route for the rest of the climb. Although distance is shorter than the start of the Lemosho route it is much steeper. Shira is a varied and beautiful route however, Lemosho is recommended over Shira due to the high altitude of Shira's starting point. It is possible that climbers will experience altitude related symptoms on the first day due to lack of acclimatization time.

Umbwe Route

Umbwe route is short, steep and is a very direct route. It is a very strenuous walk up very steep paths and only recommended for experienced climbers. Although the traffic on this route is low, the chances of success are also low.


Mountain Climbing Equipment:

Wild at Heart puts together a very high qualified team that is dedicated to making your Mountain experience unforgettable. With high qualified guides and expertise, you will have the safest and most enjoyable trekking experience imaginable.

Suggested Mountain Climbing Gear:

  • 1 Pair of Tennis Shoes/Trainers

  • 1 Pair of Waterproof Hiking/Trekking Boots

  • 4 pairs of Trekking Socks,

  • 3 to 4 pairs of Thermal Undergarments

  • 4 Thermal T Shirts & Underwear

  • 2 Top Thermal, T-shirt outer wear

  • 1  Fleece Sweater

  • 1  Ski Mask, Balaclava

  • 1  Sun Hat

  • 1  Sunglasses UV protection

  • 1 pair of Warm gloves thin

  • 1 pair of Warm gloves thick (for summit Day)

  • 1 pair of Rain Trousers

  • 1 Rain Jacket

  • 2 Warm Trousers

  • 1 Winter Jacket (wind stopper for the summit).

  • 1 Water proof Day Pack/Backpack

  • 1 Water Bottle

  • 1 pair of Hiking Poles

  • 1 Gaiters ( for rocks and pebbles)

  • 1 Sleeping Bag – 50F (10 C) to 59F (15 C)

  • 1 Flashlight/ torch + Spare batteries (preferably a head lamp type)

  • 1 Rain Poncho

Personal Hygiene Items we recommend to take them with you.

  • Shampoo

  • Soap

  •  Tooth Paste

  • Tooth brush

  • Outdoor toiletry bag


Additional Nutrition on the Mountain

  • Granola Bars

  • Power/ Energy Bars (1to 2 per day)

  •  Chocolate

  •  candy  



  • Altitude sickness pills

  • ibuprofen or Tylenol (Panadol)

  • Antiseptic cream

  • Sunscreen lotion

  • Anti-Malaria pills


Meals on Mt Kilimanjaro Climbs

Our Guides will make sure your meals are extremely good quality, using fresh and local produce. More often than not you will find that your meals are filled with a variety of Western and local cuisine.  We cater for any meal requirements so please inquire at the time of booking.